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Jungle Gym

$217.00 - $405.00
Our new Jungle Gym is sure to excite your pre-school and primary age clients. This new piece of equipment will allow them to climb and swing while working on motor planning and bilateral coordination skills. Each of the ladders has six rungs for climbing, while the top horizontal ladder has four rungs.
The optional net climber offers the opportunity to climb both horizontally and vertically. Ships partially assembled.
Dimensions: 70"L x 31"W x 54"H (Jungle Gym)
45"W x 45"H (Net Climber)
Jungle Gym
Net Climber
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: The Rock Wall, Cutout Climbing Wall and Jungle Gym are designed for pre-school and primary children, up to about 7 years. If you want your larger clients to enjoy the same experiences, we suggest you consider the In-FUN-ity System and accessories.
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