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Bubble Tube

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Our current line of interactive bubble tubes is being phased out to make room for a brand new line of products. We will have some exciting news to share online soon about our new product line. If you'd like to learn more now or if you need help planning your new MSE room, contact Tom Marshall at 844-632-2191 or

Our Bubble Tubes are available with Interactive or Relaxation functionality, allowing clients to enjoy the vibratory input offered by the movement of the bubbles/beads and the visual sensory input provided by the gradual changing color of the LEDs. And... our Bubble Tubes use the Simple Drain system, making water changes stress free.
Same price: Small, Medium or Large Bubble Tube! You make the decision based on what is best for your clients.
Our Interactive Bubble Tube offers wireless capabilities when used with the Interactive Super Switch or Interactive Power Cube (sold separately). Therapist directed. Client controlled.

NOTE DID YOU KNOW? All Tube bases are available as a composite material to adhere to Infection Control guidelines. Contact Southpaw Customer Service at 844.632.2191 for more information.

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