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Activity Panels

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Interactive panels are a great way for your many different clients to receive sensory input. These three panels are made of Baltic Birch and offer tactile, visual and sound sensations. Each panel has a curvy roadway along its width where your clients can guide their vehicles, working on tracking and upper body gross motor skills. If you put the panels together on the wall, the vehicles can be moved along the entire 90 inches. The panels can also be freestanding and placed on the floor.
Fiber Optic Activity Panel
Your clients with visual impairments will appreciate this panel with its glowing fiber optic spray, fiber optic mirrors and unique marble panel backed by LED fiber optics. Tactile components include moveable gears, a pointy tactile ring, and wooden and plastic animal shapes. The panel is also decorated with glow-in-the dark stars and mini-mirrors. It also has its own vehicle to follow the winding path across the board.
Sound & Music Activity Panel
This panel is full of noise makers to please the music enthusiasts you work with. We’ve included a sea-sound drum, tambourine, xylophone, rainbow maker, desk bell, jingle bells, triangle and mini talking button as well as some wooden and plastic animal shapes, plastic beads, small mirrors, a foam letter B and another car to travel the highway.
Tactile Activity Panel
Our new tactile panel will appeal to those who enjoy the feel of different textures. There are three different types of rope handles, resistance tubing in varying strengths, a stretchy web, an abacus, mirrors, glowing stars, a foam letter and a wooden car to travel the curved roadway.

Dimensions: 30"L x 30"W x 6"D (Each panel)
Weight: 45 lbs. each
Activity Panels SPECIAL! 3 Panel Set
Fiber Optic Activity Panel
Sound & Music Activity Panel
Tactile Activity Panel
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: There may be slight variations in the items on each panel from time to time. However each panel will have at least the same number of products as shown in the pictures.