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Interactive Video Player


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To provide an all-in-one video solution, Southpaw has designed the first user-controlled video player that works seamlessly with the Epson LightSceneTM or PowerLiteTM projector. Pre-programmed with 8 calming video clips, the client can select which scene they wish to display with the included switch. With the use of a flash drive (not included), therapists can easily add their own content that can be adapted for the needs of each client. The video player is designed to allow the therapist to display images and videos anywhere in the room to capture their client’s attention wherever their focus may be. In instances where someone is lying on the floor, a therapist may want to show a familiar scene on the ceiling. In a scenario where a client is very withdrawn, the therapist can display an image at their feet and then move it away to encourage movement. The Southpaw Video Player also connects wirelessly to Southpaw’s Interactive Super Switch and Power Cube. Both devices allow clients to easily control a variety of stimuli in the sensory room. With a simple push of a button or a turn of a foam cube, clients can change the content being displayed through the projector to appease their needs. The interactive video player comes preloaded with 8 scenic videos, includes a switch and an HDMI cord (projector is sold separately).

This is an example of the video player being used with a projector in a MSE room.

Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Interactive Video Player