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Star Gazer


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Bring peace and the night sky to those in need of soothing. The Southpaw Star Gazer can shine continuously in your home or facility. Gazers can add blue and/or white clouds to their experience and can also control the speed of the passing “stars.” The unit has a cooling fan and a replaceable laser that lasts 3,000 hours, and Southpaw will cover the cost of changing 1 new laser, meaning this unit will last through 6,000 hours of reliable, maintenance-free gazing.
Developed in conjunction with the Hospice of Dayton, the Star Gazer has been instrumental in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, agitation, dyspnea, pain, and insomnia in patients.
Other data has shown that use of the Star Gazer has resulted in decreasing heart rate, respiratory rate and frequent need for break-through medications in many patients. Offer a peaceful presence to viewers with Star Gazer’s starry night.

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