Flat Touch Wall Panel

This lightweight, easy-to-clean, thermo-sensitive panel enables a host of therapy applications.
NunoErin’s interactive furniture solutions offer multi-sensory experiences that awaken the human desire to touch, play and explore. The company’s heat-sensitive furniture uses responsive technology that relaxes, restores and engages.The equipment enables children to visualize therapist instruction and desired outcomes, and provide real-time visual rewarding feedback — thus increasing their ability and desire to learn.
For children with hypertonicity of their hands, this equipment motivates them to open their hands, stretch those tight muscles, and in many cases truly see their entire handprint for the first time. The equipment visually rewards them for their efforts and inspires repetition — which over time lengthens flexors and strengthens extensors.
Through the simple act of touch, people can create and explore gestural printmaking with their hands and body. As heat is transferred from the body to each stool, a dramatic temporary print appears for several seconds and then gradually fades away.
Dimensions: 12"L x 12"W (Small)
18"L x 18"W (Large)
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  • Flat Touch Wall Panel