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Stereo Rovers

$1,127.00 - $1,487.00
Vibro-Acoustic equipment helps to maintain novelty through practitioner control. The stereo has has two external speakers and includes an AM/FM radio, CD player, or can connect to an iPod, iPad or MP3 Player. The vibration control of the unit is separate from the sound volume control, allowing you to maximize vibration and listen to music at a comfortable level.
The Stereo Rover stereo is housed in a sturdy birch cabinet that includes a storage unit with one shelf, a 6-plug power strip, and wheels that allow it to be moved anywhere in the room. Each Stereo Rover includes an anchor on the top of the unit that can be used to attach a LED Solar Projector (not included).
Dimensions: 22"W x 39.75"H x 22"D (Stereo Rover)
17"W x 28.25"H x 19"D (Little Stereo Rover)
Stereo Rover
Little Stereo Rover
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This item ships Motor Freight. This item ships Motor Freight.
NOTE PLEASE NOTE: Southpaw now offers six different stain options for your equipment. There will be an additional charge of $200 for customization of each piece. For information about stain options, contact us at or call 844.632.2191.

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