Sleep ’n Sync Programs

Sleep ’n Sync helps children achieve their goals fast through a technique that uses principles of neuroplasticity, positive suggestions, hypnotherapy and research on the sleep process. Children easily overcome functional problems of flexibility, handling frustration or anger, learning what to do to help prevent being bullied and many more…while sound asleep. These are incorporated into an audio that is easy to use, efficient and can be set up to play every night without adult intervention.
These programs come with a caregiver’s instruction guide. As the child becomes receptive and open, and the conscious mind becomes ready to learn, the caregiver helps teach and guide the child, when awake. In this way the child will be synchronizing the conscious mind with the new messages of the subconscious mind.
Dealing with Anger Program 1
Dealing with Anger Program 2
Bullying Program
Flexibility Program 1
Flexibility Program 2
Flexibility Program 3
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