Autism Interventions


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Autism Interventions is a practical and valuable tool offering holistic, dynamic, and effective intervention strategies and treatment plans to improve the functioning of individuals with autism in the following areas: sensory processing, motor control, motor planning, speech-language skills, social skills, functional skills, educational strategies and behavioral strategies.
A clinical reference work/supplementary text geared toward occupational and other therapists/teachers who work with children with autism. Provides up-to-date research findings and the latest in teaching and communication techniques. The text is structured in a layered approach, so that each chapter builds on the previous one to present complex information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use format.
The editors offer strategies they have found to be successful, practical and easy to implement. Sensory-based techniques included in this edition address underlying deficits in postural control, muscle strength, coordination, motor planning and sensory processing. Numerous photographs offer illustrations of the types of techniques covered.

Review of Autism Interventions at Special Needs Book Review.

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