Pencil Grips

$4.95 - $36.00
The Stetro Grip encourages the correct placement of the fingers and thumb on the pencil. The star indicates thumb placement, and the forefinger and middle finger fit comfortably into the other two indentations.
The Grotto Grip is a patented ergonomic grip designed and tested by an occupational therapist to train the proper grasp, correct pencil grip and improve handwriting. The finger guard and unique angles place and HOLD fingers in the proper position to decrease hand fatigue.
The Start Right™ pencil grip keeps the thumb from wrapping around and the fingers in correct alignment. Children enjoy using it because it looks like the starship enterprise and it does not roll away.
The Pencil Grip is a revolutionary applied technology that works with the body’s natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping. Allowing over a 90% surface contact with its soft comfortable gripping surface, The Pencil Grip sets the industry standard in ergonomics.
Using the same ergonomically correct design as the original Pencil Grip, the Jumbo Pencil Grip increases surface area to nearly 90% and proper angling for both the left and right handed user allowing them to write smoother, longer, and with less pain.
The Crossover Grip wings facilitate the maintanence of a mature tri-pod grasp with no hooking or crossing over of index finger and thumb. Provides support, comfort and finger placement assistance.
All Pencil Grips are for either right or left hand use.
Stetro Grip (Pack of 36)
Grotto Grip (Pack of 3)
Grotto Grip (Pack of 12)
Start Right (Pack of 5)
Start Right (Pack of 25)
The Pencil Grip (Pack of 12)
Jumbo Pencil Grip (Pack of 3)
Jumbo Pencil Grip (Pack of 12)
Crossover Grip (Pack of 3)
Crossover Grip (Pack of 12)
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CAUTION CAUTION: Choking Hazard. Small parts not for children under three years.