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Soft-Lite & Kid-Lite Barrels

$557.00 - $709.00
Clients can crawl through the barrels to enhance spatial awareness; add movement and they also provide strong vestibular input. If a therapist or client is inside a barrel, it provides heavy work for another client to push the barrel. The sturdy foam enables a therapist to work with a client on top of the barrel for balance and positioning activities.
The Kid-Lite Barrel is lined with vinyl and foam and covered on the outside with soft carpet. Padded edges around the rim help prevent pinched fingers. Colors may vary.
Dimensions: 16"ID x 28"OD x 36"L (Soft-Lite)
21"dia. x 25"L (Kid-Lite)
Working Load: 225 lbs. (Soft-Lite)
250 lbs. (Kid-Lite)
Weight: 20 lbs.
Soft-Lite Barrel
Kid-Lite Barrel
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