Southpaw USA

Climbing Ladders

$167.00 - $369.00
Our ladders and climbers are a great way for clients to work on bilateral coordination, motor planning, balance, gravitational insecurity and upper extremity strengthening.
Southpaw ladders are made with soft poly ropes supporting the 1.25"dia. hardwood rungs—just right for small hands. The Ladder Wall requires a two-point suspension system. Special ladder heights are available on request.
Dimensions: 18"W x 84"H (Single Rung Climbing Ladder)
17"W x 90"H (Tower Ladder)
48"W x 90"H (Ladder Wall)
Working Load: 250 lbs.
Single Rung Climbing Ladder, (2) Safety Snaps, (2) mat straps and (2) “quick clips”
Tower Ladder, Top Safety Snap, (2) mat straps and (4) “quick clips”
Ladder Wall, (2) Safety Snaps, (2) mat straps and (2) “quick clips”
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CAUTION CAUTION: The best safety precaution is choosing appropriate activities and closely supervising your client during each therapy session.

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