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The Playhouse walls are constructed of durable foam, and the top is made of sturdy birch plywood, completely encased in foam. One wall has a removable doorway where your clients can enter the house for some quiet time. The Playhouse is easy to assemble and walls can be configured in many ways.
One of the most versatile functions of the Southpaw Playhouse is that it can double as a ball pool. Just flip the house upside down, pour in the balls, and you now have a pool for tactile stimulation. You can connect multiple playhouses together for an entire elevated playspace. The steps and slide also fit together with hook-and-loop fasteners for continued motor planning while using the playhouse as a ball pool.
Dimensions: 54"L x 54"W x 39"H (Playhouse)
30"L x 29"W x 36"H (Steps)
66"L x 29"W x 39"H (Slide)
Working Load: 400 lbs.
Playhouse Steps
Playhouse Slide
Playhouse Connector (for multiple houses)
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This item ships Motor Freight. This item ships Motor Freight.

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