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Steamroller® Ramp

$35.00 - $997.00

And away they go! This ramp is sure to be a hit in any facility. It offers your clients sensory stimulation, heavy work, bilateral coordination and motor planning all in one. We’ve taken 10 of the Steamroller® rollers and attached them to 86" long wood side panels to create this new masterpiece. The ramp can be attached to the stand-alone platform or to Southpaw’s In-FUN-ity system, and can be placed at varying heights to increase the challenge.
The platform consists of (2) six-rung ladders connected to a solid wooden top. Children can climb up the back to begin their fun. In addition, an optional rope with built-in loop can be attached to provide a great heavy-work activity.

Dimensions: 86"L x 30"W (Steamroller® Ramp)
32"L x 31"W x 52"H (Platform)
8"dia. (Rollers)
Working Load: 300 lbs.
Steamroller® Ramp
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Steamroller® Ramp Rope
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: The Steamroller® Ramp and Platform both require partial assembly.

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