Theraband™ Exercise Balls

$20.95 - $52.95

Colorful. Fun. These PRO Series SCP® balls appeal to all ages, and are strong enough to support children or adults. Designed especially for therapeutic exercise, these bright, durable Therapy Balls can be used with clients in almost every developmental position for an endless variety of activities including flexion, extension, equilibrium reactions and postural adjustments.
The Therapy Balls can be soft inflated using a blower type inflator like the Southpaw Inflator/Deflator Pump. Complete instructions are included with each ball.
These Therapy Balls are made of heavy-duty molded vinyl, so they’re tough enough to take years of therapy use and abuse.

45cm (18") TheraBand™ Exercise Ball
55cm (22") TheraBand™ Exercise Ball
65cm (26") TheraBand™ Exercise Ball
75cm (30") TheraBand™ Exercise Ball
85cm (34") TheraBand™ Exercise Ball
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