Bean Bag Chairs

$160.00 - $200.00
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Bean Bag Chairs have always been an important positioning and relaxation item for children and adults with sensory integration needs. But, all Bean Bag Chairs are not the same. Our Chairs are covered in durable, commercial strength 20 oz. vinyl, backed by non-woven polyester, which strengthens the fabric. The Chairs are sewn with a flat-felled seam, with all raw edges protected by a double fold that is interlocked. In addition, the seams are secured with a lockstitch, which guarantees that the seams will not unravel if a single thread breaks.
Each Bean Bag Chair has (2) #5 boot zippers, with a unique end tab design that ensures they are childproof. The Bean Bags are filled with modified irregularly shaped polystyrene beads that help the Chair to retain its shape. We offer the chair in three sizes to fit children through adults up to 6'5".
Dimensions: 104" Circumference x 37"H (Kid)
110" Circumference x 45"H (Teen)
125" Circumference x 48"H (Adult)
155" Circumference x 66"H (Mega)

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