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Basic Vestibular Set


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Every therapist knows there are three swings that are the basis of every vestibular program: the platform swing, bolster swing and net swing.
The carpeted platform swing can be used in a wide range of tilting movements and is suitable for clients in prone to standing positions. The bolster swing may be used for a variety of progressive flexion activities, and is strong enough to support both therapist and client. The therapy net provides vestibular input in all planes and improved head and neck extension. We’ve put the three swings together in one kit and are offering them at a substantial savings to you.
Dimensions: 30"L x 30"W x 60"H (Platform Swing)
48"L x 69"H (Bolster Swing)
48"H (Therapy Net)
Working Load: 300 lbs. (Platform Swing)
350 lbs. (Bolster Swing)
200 lbs. (Therapy Net)

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