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Bilateral Bolster Swing

$331.00 - $547.00
Help improve bilateral integration while getting the benefits of postural and balance adjustments. Southpaw’s Bilateral Bolster Swing offers all the benefits of our Standard Bolster Swing, but we’ve added two ropes attached to the body for clients to grasp with both hands.
If you already have our standard swing, you can purchase the body of the Bilateral Bolster and attach it to your existing upper works and bar. The Bilateral Bolster comes in Standard and Pony sizes with ropes that are covered with a protective vinyl tubing to prevent rope burns.
Dimensions: 9"dia. x 48"L x 70"H (Standard)
9"dia. x 36"L x 70"H (Pony)
Working Load: 350 lbs. (Standard or Pony)
Standard Bilateral Bolster Swing
Standard Bilateral Bolster Swing, Body only
Pony Bilateral Bolster Swing
Pony Bilateral Bolster Swing, Body only
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety Rotational Device and a Safety Snap.
  • Bilateral Bolster Swing