Body Sox®

$45.00 - $54.00
Body Sox promotes body awareness and creative movement in clients of all ages. Spatial awareness and interaction are reinforced as clients move over, under, around, through, on, off, up, down, in and out, exploring the three-dimensional space they occupy.
Clients discover how to transform space while developing balance and coordination skills. Once inside, your client is free to explore his/her private domain, creating unique, art-like shapes. Because the material is see-through, your clients can see the shapes they create.
Each pillow case-like sack is constructed of four-way LYCRA® with a reinforced hook-and-loop closure. Available in 5 sizes. Colors may vary.
Dimensions: Small: 27"W x 40"H

Medium: 27"W x 47"H
Large: 28"W x 56"H
Extra Large: 28"W x 66"H
Small Body Sox®
Medium Body Sox®
Large Body Sox®
Extra Large Body Sox®
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