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Bolster Swings

$60.00 - $625.00

If a therapist has to select just one piece of hanging equipment, a Southpaw Bolster Swing is the best choice.
The Deluxe version of the Bolster Swings has all the features of the Bolster Swings, plus a detachable carpet that provides tactile stimulation. Held in place by hook-and-loop fasteners, the carpet increases the bolster’s circumference to 29", which will accommodate larger children or adults.
Includes a built-in safety rotational device and vinyl-covered ropes for added client protection!

The vinyl bolster swing covers (sold separately) wrap around the swing and are held in place with Velcro® at both ends and can be removed easily for quick cleaning or replacing.

Please Note: The vinyl bolster swing covers will not work with the Bilateral Bolster Swing nor the Advantage Line Bolster Swing.

Dimensions: 9"dia. x 48"L x 69"H (Standard)
9"dia. x 36"L x 69"H (Pony)
Working Load: 350 lbs. (Standard or Pony)
Weight: 24 lbs. (Standard)
21 lbs. (Pony)
Standard Bolster Swing
Standard Deluxe Bolster Swing
Vinyl Bolster Swing Cover
Pony Bolster Swing
Pony Deluxe Bolster Swing
Vinyl Pony Bolster Swing Cover
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety Rotational Device and a Safety Snap.

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