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The Bear Hug

$77.00 - $107.00
Give your clients the sensation of a big bear hug with Southpaw’s deep-pressure vest. The Bear Hug vest can be used to develop proprioceptive integration and for calming activities to help the oversensitive child decrease hyper-responsiveness.
The Bear Hug fits snugly next to the body and does not shift as the child moves, which makes it comfortable to be worn under clothing if desired. The adjustable straps and body wrap allow the therapist to adjust the amount of pressure as desired. Each vest is made out of comfortable neoprene with loop-compatible outer skin. The body wrap and straps utilize strong hook-and-loop closures.
The Bear Hug consists of (1) adjustable body wrap and two adjustable shoulder straps and comes in four sizes. Cold water washable.
When measuring the torso, measure around the thickest part of the chest.
Small: 8" x 26" Torso Wrap, 20" Shoulder Straps
Medium: 8" x 34" Torso Wrap, 20" Shoulder Straps
Large: 10" x 40" Torso Wrap, 24" Shoulder Straps
Extra Large: 12" x 48" Torso Wrap, 24" Shoulder Straps
Small Bear Hug
Medium Bear Hug
Large Bear Hug
Extra Large Bear Hug
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