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Weighted Ladybug Blanket

$143.00 - $320.00
Our Weighted Ladybug Blanket can be used the same as our regular weighted blankets for calming or all-over sensory input. The inner liner is laminated with 12 evenly spaced weight pockets to provide an even distribution of weight. The Ladybug outer cover is made of durable fabric that is pleasant to the touch. The inner liner is intended for use inside of an outer cover, and may be surface washed.
Dimensions: 56"L 40"W
8 lb. Weighted Ladybug Blanket
16 lb. Weighted Ladybug Blanket
8 lb. Inner Liner
16 lb. Inner Liner
Ladybug Outer Cover
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: All Southpaw Weighted items are lead-free.

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