Welcome to Southpaw MSE

By Tom Marshall-Director, MSE Sales and Training

Welcome to the inaugural newsletter of Southpaw MSE – Mindful Sensory Exercise. The focus of the newsletter will be for all sensory room practitioners, regardless of whether you use Southpaw MSE equipment or equipment made by another supplier.

I have been designing and installing MSE rooms for more than 14 years, the last eight for Southpaw. The team at Southpaw designed our equipment to follow the client-centered active therapy model developed by Linda Messbauer, Dr. Janice Ryan and others. The training we offer is focused on this model, although it is also designed to allow you to follow other, more passive, relaxation and recreational models.

In the coming months, we will include articles featuring specific pieces of equipment as well as articles from therapists in the field who have had success using Southpaw MSE equipment with their clients.

Southpaw is proud to be the only manufacturer of MSE equipment in the United States. Our team provides comprehensive design services at no charge to you. If you have an unusual space, we can customize the equipment to fit in your room. The equipment is simple to install, or we can install it for you at an additional charge. Lastly, we want you to be successful with your new room and can come to your facility to train your staff on the latest protocols for managing the behavior of your clients.

It’s that last part that sets Southpaw apart from our competitors. The original concept, which is still in use today, focuses on non-directed, failure-free activities when in the room. The Southpaw approach takes a more active view of presenting stimuli in a purposeful manner with the goal to either raise or lower a subject’s arousal or activity level to maximize the subject’s ability to focus on other tasks and be better prepared to learn in school, work at a center, or just have the ability to reduce the stress of the day and relax.

The other thing that sets Southpaw apart from our competitors is our wireless Super Switch and Power Cube. While others have a wireless padded cube to change colors, our Super Switch has eight separate programs to control the LED lights in all of our products. One program allows all of our products to be sound sensitive – rather than purchasing a separate sound-sensitive model of a particular product. Imagine an entire room of lights reacting to voices or music!

If you don’t have the space to install a multi-sensory room then one of our Bubble or Popcorn Rovers is right for you. We make both tall and short models depending on how much storage you need. We can make them from the Baltic Birch plywood that Southpaw has used since our beginning – to much success. We now coat our wood products with a bacteria-resistant clear-coat that passes most infection control standards. We can also make the Rover from a bacteria-resistant composite plastic to meet your infection control standards.

Southpaw is fully equipped to meet the sensory needs of your clients. Call Tom Marshall at 844-632-2191 to review your situation and get a no-obligation proposal. Thank you for checking out our newsletter. We plan to highlight our customers to show how successful they have become using Southpaw MSEs. The first centers we are highlighting are The Pediatric Movement Center in Hagerstown, MD and The Sensory Club in Waukesha, WI.