Air Mats

$110.00 - $140.00
Use your imagination to create a variety of activities that are therapeutic and enjoyable with Southpaw’s Air Mats. Use the Air Mats for vestibular or proprioceptive stimulation, balance activities and motor tasks.
Available in three sizes, Southpaw’s Air Mats are durable, and can be inflated and deflated with the Inflator/Deflator Pump.
Be sure to remove all sharp personal objects (belts, buckles, keys, etc.) that could puncture the mat. The Air Mats are good for working with postural adjustments, motor planning and sensory stimulation. All clients must be supervised and adequate padding provided during activities. Colors may vary.
Dimensions: 42"L x 42"W (Dolphin Deflated)
84"L x 72"W (Walrus Deflated)
84"L x 48"W (Seal Deflated)
Working Load: 100 lbs. (Dolphin)
150 lbs. (Walrus and Seal)
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