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MSE Ideology
By: Tom Marshall, Southpaw Director of MSE Sales

Since its inception and as specifically described by Hulsegge and Verheul, “snoezelen” has always promoted the passive, user-directed approach with facilitators being ‘enablers.’ This enabling approach has its focus on the relationship between the user and the caregiver. The facilitator is able to develop a relationship with the user that is built on trust by monitoring the users’ mood and responses to the equipment they select. The facilitator assists the user to explore the equipment, assist in choosing stimuli and provide extended opportunities for interaction. This non-directed approach is the basic tenet of “snoezelen” philosophy and continues to this day, as it is important to allow clients to make their own choices and have control over their world. More

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The safety of your clients is dependent on the appropriate choice of activity to match, yet challenge, their physical abilities. Use appropriate spotting/safety techniques. In addition, the layout of your activity area, proper installation and maintenance of your equipment is critical. Southpaw equipment is not intended for recreational or outdoor use. Under no condition should this equipment be used without proper supervision.

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