Southpaw USA

Steamroller® Deluxe

$12.50 - $580.00

Some children crave deep pressure, and the Southpaw Steamroller® is a fun way to get it! Your children will love the challenge of crawling between the rollers and being flattened by the Steamroller®.
Allow children to hang out in the Steamroller® to complete an activity while prone, or use in preparation for those tasks that require more attention. This piece of equipment offers more than just deep pressure. It allows children to work on motor planning skills, body awareness and shoulder stability as they work their bodies out of the device. It’s a great addition to all of your therapeutic activities.
The Steamroller® can accommodate a small child up to an average-sized adult. The pressure may be increased or decreased by adjusting the tension bands. Comes with (2) sets of bands so you can increase the pressure. Colors may vary.

Dimensions: 33.5"L x 29"W x 16"H

Roller: 7"dia. x 22.5"W
Working Load: 300 lbs.
Steamroller® Deluxe
Replacement Bands (Set of 4)
Replacement Bands (Set of 10)
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: Adult Supervision is recommended.

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