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Standard Dual Swing


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The Standard Dual Swing remains high on the list of Southpaw’s popular therapy tools because of its ability to provide orbital and rotational movements.
The swing can be used prone or sitting. It provides vestibular input while working on extension, proprioceptive input, motor planning and core stability. This versatile swing may be used with one or two clients in the sitting position. It definitely adds a great deal of variety and fun to your treatment sessions.
The Southpaw Standard Dual Swing consists of four super-soft nylon leg loops attached to four 40" ropes. It fastens at the top with two Safety Snaps to permit easy hanging. The loops are made of extremely soft webbing and provide comfortable support for most clients. Its versatility and low price make it a must for every program. Includes (4) ropes, (4) leg loops and (2) Safety Snaps.

Dimensions: 67"H x 40"L (Ropes)
Working Load: 400 lbs.
NOTE PLEASE NOTE: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety Rotational Device and a Safety Snap.

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