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Weighted Blankets

$87.00 - $380.00
Weighted blankets are an excellent way to provide clients with full-body proprioceptive input in order to help with calming. The blankets are versatile as they can be folded and used where needed. Southpaw’s Weighted Blanket is manufactured with safe, non-toxic steel shot sandwiched between two outside layers in a proprietary laminating process. This allows the entire blanket surface to be weighted — not just individual sections. This exclusive design allows the therapist to choose the amount of weight needed (by adding additional blankets) AND to position the weight exactly where it is needed. Both sides of our blanket are made of a softly textured fabric, to which Velcro® hook materials will adhere easily.
Dimensions: 40"L x 30"W (Small)
50"L x 40"W (Medium)
58"L x 30"W
58"L x 58"W (Giant)
58"L x 58"W (Heavyweight Giant)
Weight: 3 lbs. (Small)
4 lbs. (Medium)
5 lbs.
10 lbs. (Giant)
20 lbs. (Heavyweight Giant)
Small Weighted 3 lb. Blanket
Medium Weighted 4 lb. Blanket
Weighted 5 lb. Blanket
Giant Weighted 10 lb. Blanket
Heavyweight Giant 20 lb. Blanket
Deluxe Weighted 5 lb. 4-Blanket Set
Weighted 5 lb. Blanket Slipcover
Giant & Heavyweight Blanket Slipcover
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: All Southpaw Weighted items are lead-free.

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