Greater sensory control is here with MSE+
For the last decade, Southpaw has strived to develop Multi-Sensory Environments (MSEs) that give individuals the ability to overcome sensory deficits and relax, reduce anxiety or better explore their world.
Today, MSE+ is the next step in Southpaw’s evolution and a quantum leap forward when it comes to increasing exploration for your patients or residents. It’s been designed to give both the practitioner and the user complete control over every single piece of motivational stimuli.
MSE+ is fully interactive and completely wireless, thanks to a proprietary Bluetooth system. This improved system doesn’t depend on WiFi, allowing facilities with limited internet access to still enjoy its benefits.
Plus, like all of our products, Southpaw’s MSE+ equipment is proudly made by hand in the USA.
How does it work?
The brain of the MSE+ Room is the Interactive Video Player. The practitioner or user can control what videos are shown by pressing a button or turning the wireless cube. The player can be customized with videos downloaded from the internet, or even messages from your residents’ families. It can be connected to a projector, TV, monitor or any device that has an HDMI cable.
Take control with MSE+
The Super Controller effortlessly connects the computer, wireless switches and lighting effects. This robust, proprietary handheld unit allows the practitioner to easily connect wireless switches and access any one of the eight therapeutic programs.
The improved Super Switch is 70% thinner than past models and eliminates mechanical buttons to improve reliability. This proprietary wireless switch design allows users to directly control the room.
Patients or residents can also use the Power Cube to control their MSE+ experience. Available in two sizes – 8″ & 11″ – it now features a tamper-proof enclosure.
The Single Button Switch is a simple concept made incredibly functional. Water resistant up to 6′ of immersion, the switch can transform any swimming pool or spa into a comprehensive MSE+ experience.


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