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Prefab Joist Installation Kit

$287.00 - $357.00
We’ve redesigned the rod end in this kit to prolong the life of the suspension hardware and allow for more fluid movement. The kit includes all the hardware needed to install an eyebolt in your prefabricated metal joist over a dropped ceiling. Complete installation guidelines are included. Choose the kit that corresponds to the distance between the bottom of the joist and the dropped ceiling.
Steel struts extend out 2 ft. from shoulder bolt to adjacent and opposing T-beams. Lateral struts extend to next beam approximately 18" to 48".
Working Load: 500 lbs.
1' to 3' Drop Prefab Joist Installation Kit
3' to 6' Drop Prefab Joist Installation Kit
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Prefab Joist Drop Ceiling, you need to order this kit. Remember, you need to order one kit for every location where you want to hang a swing.