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In-FUN-ity™ Climbing System

$45.00 - $499.00
Southpaw’s In-FUN-ity™ Climbing System can go into any clinic or classroom and is expandable to any size.
Climbing enhances body awareness, body scheme, motor planning and bilateral coordination. The child’s body weight, combined with gravity, provides additional proprioceptive feedback to his joints, helping the child coordinate his movements while working toward increasingly complex motor planning events. Arm and leg coordination (bilateral coordination) is enhanced as he climbs up the ladder or rock wall and across the monkey bars, propels the scooter board or pulls himself up the scooter board ramp.
The In-FUN-ity Wall Ladder (Figure 1) can be used alone or as the cornerstone of a larger, more challenging system. Climb up and down as part of an obstacle course,or swing toward the ladder and try to grab a rung.
The In-FUN-ity Scooter Board Ramp (Figure 2) consists of two parts — the platform and the ramp. It quickly folds in half, saving valuable space when not in use. The ramp can be used independently from the platform, and can be hooked directly to the Wall Ladder.
The In-FUN-ity Rope (Figure 3) is a simple, highly effective and versatile tool that challenges clients with many bilateral activities. Each Rope has a built-in loop for easy attachment to the wood rung.
The In-FUN-ity Climbing Wall (Figure 4) has 36 handhold locations and comes with 20 climbing holds. It can be hooked on any of the Wall Ladder rungs, allowing you to adjust the angle to adapt to any challenge level. Assembles in minutes.
The In-FUN-ity Expansion Kit (Figure 5) consists of a 4'L overhead jungle gym and a freestanding ladder support end. The ladder support end is compatible with the Wall Ladder and can support both the In-FUN-ity Climbing Wall and ramp. Multiple In-FUN-ity Expansion Kits can be added at a 90-degree angle with the Expansion Kit Right Angle Connector (Figure 5A). Assembles in minutes.
The Jungle Gym Extender (Figure 6) adds to an Expansion Kit to make the unit 8'L or add two to make the unit 12'L. This can double or triple the challenge for any child or adult, and can be added individually at any time.
The In-FUN-ity™ Cut-out Climbing Wall is designed for the child who is not fully comfortable using the standard rock on most climbing walls and has (21) cutouts where your clients can insert hands and feet. The hook-shaped top attaches easily to the In-FUN-ity Wall Ladder (items 152000, 152001, 152002) or the Expansion Kit Ladder (item 152013). Since it can attach to any rung, you can adjust it to fit the abilities of your least adventurous clients.
The In-FUN-ity Crash Mat (not shown) fits each overhead section and provides 6" of thick polyurethane foam cushioning.
Dimensions: 31"W x 81.5"H x 5"D (Wall Ladder)
95"L x 21"W (Overall Scooter Board Ramp)
57"L (Scooter Board Ramp)
19"L (Scooter Board Ramp Platform)
.75"dia. x 12'L (Rope)
27"W x 80"H (Climbing Wall)
50"L x 31"W x 81.5"H (Expansion Kit)
8"L x 4"W (Expansion Kit Right Angle Connector)
50"L x 31"W (Jungle Gym Extender)
80"L27"W (Cut-out Climbing Wall)
45"L x 30"W x 6"D (Crash Mat)
Working Load: 250 lbs.
In-FUN-ity™ Wall Ladder Brick Wall Installation
In-FUN-ity™ Wall Ladder Metal Stud Wall Installation
In-FUN-ity™ Wall Ladder Wood Stud Wall Installation
In-FUN-ity™ Scooter Board Ramp
In-FUN-ity™ Climbing Wall
In-FUN-ity™ Expansion Kit
In-FUN-ity™ Jungle Gym Extender
In-FUN-ity™ Expansion Kit Right Angle Connector
In-FUN-ity™ Hook On Ladder
In-FUN-ityâ„¢ Cut-out Climbing Wall
In-FUN-ity™ Crash Mat
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: The Jungle Gym Extender can only be added to an existing In-FUN-ity™ Expansion Kit. For safety and stability, we do not recommend extending the jungle gym past 12' in length.
For additional information on some of the ways an In-FUN-ity™ System can be configured, call our customer service department at 800.228.1698, or email us at