Southpaw USA

Flexion T-Bar

$397.00 - $597.00

Here’s a great way to address balance and bilateral strength, and also provide vestibular input for your more involved population. The Southpaw Flexion T-Bar challenges your clients’ flexion patterns as they enjoy activities while on this piece of suspended equipment.
Advanced clients will be stimulated when they hang beneath the T-Bar and shift from side to side while swinging. Use for a wide range of rotational and orbital movements. Includes control strap and (1) Safety Snap.

Dimensions: 44"H (Without VSD)
64"H (With VSD)
Working Load: 350 lbs. (T-Bar Alone)
Weight: 19 lbs.
Flexion T-Bar
Deluxe T-Bar Includes Vertical Stimulation Device
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NOTE PLEASE NOTE: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety Rotational Device and a Safety Snap.

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